• Passwell Bird Food - Hand Rearing

Passwell Bird Food - Hand Rearing




Passwell Hand Rearing Food is nutrient-enhanced hand rearing formula for all parrots, finches, pigeons & doves. 

Key Features

  • Nutritionally balanced, high protein formula that can be fed from hatching to weaning. 
  • Enriched with omega-3&6, vitamins and minerals for improved chick health.
  • Easily prepared as a smooth, creamy consistency, ideal for spoon or crop-feeding.

Feeding Chicks from Newly Hatched

The first feed of the day for 3 days should be a quality yoghurt with high live micro-organism count. This provides a reliable source of live bacteria (probiotics) that may have a beneficial effect on a bird’s intestinal microbial population. This is cheaper and more effective than using a commercial probiotic powder, that usually have short expiry dates and are inactivated by heat and processing.

Next feed young birds a dilute mixture of Passwell Hand Rearing Food to begin with, and then gradually increase the solids content as they get older. House chicks in a warm, draught-free brooder, at an appropriate temperature for their age.

Available in 300g & 1.5kg sizes.

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