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Max's Cat Litter




Effective Odour Removal

Cats and other pets do not like a smelly litter tray and neither do we. The smell of ammonia (a key component of foul odours) was kept to almost undetectable levels in experiments conducted by the Centre for ChemoSensory Research.

All Natural & Garden Friendly

Max’s® Cat Litter is made from natural ingredients, does not contain any harmful chemicals and is completely biodegradable. It also contains useful nutrients and trace elements, making it an ideal garden compost with the ability to improve soil structure.

Max’s Cat Litter is not to be used as a BBQ tray absorbent


In today’s society it’s refreshing to know that Max’s® Cat Litter will completely biodegrade in your garden or compost. Max’s comes from natural ingredients and therefore easily blends back into your garden environment. Remember to dispose of any soiled litter appropriately.


Max’s® Cat Litter will remain fresh for longer. The soiled litter can be removed and topped up with new litter. This provides a big saving as well as greater convenience.


The exceptional qualities of Max’s® Cat Litter make it ideal for use on the oors of birdcages and aviaries. Max’s® Cat Litter is also suitable as a bedding material for mice, guinea pigs, reptiles and other small animals.

Available in 12.5kg.

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