• GROlife-All Purpose-Natural Mineral Fertiliser

GROlife-All Purpose-Natural Mineral Fertiliser


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Organic Mineral Fertiliser

Proudly Australia owned and operated, GROlife is creating an environmentally aware community by providing natural fertiliser products for plants, food and resource production.

Our world is a collaboration of complex and delicate eco systems being degraded through traditional methods of agricultural practices and the increased demand of resources from an ever-increasing global population.

By providing 100% natural solutions free of synthetic chemicals and harmful heavy metals, we are rebuilding the right environment to restore the natural systems of plant growth while nurturing the health of its inhabitants. Our products effectively provide a balanced source of nutrition to build healthy soil ecology which is known to result in increased cellular health, increased pest and disease resistance and increased plant growth and yield.

By using GROlife products, the building blocks of plant life—soil microbial colonies—are brought into balance allowing greater capacity to take up the newly provided essential minerals and nutrients lacking in many soils. The benefits don’t end with healthy plant growth, as readily available mineral nutrition is passed on to both animals and humans through consumption of produce obtained when utilising GROlife fertiliser.

As GROlife successfully targets and builds a healthy foundation of soil, our products are used across a wide range of applications for healthier plants. Whether for healthier fruit and vegetables grown by the home gardener, to greener lawns and ovals, nurseries, pasture and hay production to broadacre agriculture, GROlife is the perfect solution for you and the environment.

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