• Fussy Cat Attapulgite Cat Litter

Fussy Cat Attapulgite Cat Litter




Fussy Cat is a natural pet litter that is made from 100% Attapulgite.

This Australian product is a superior absorbent and effective in controlling the most stubborn odours. Fussy Cat can can also be used for other indoor pets like dogs, birds and guinea pigs. Renowned for its effective odour control and long lasting performance. Designed for safe use around kittens.

Attapulgite is a hydrated magnesium silicate formed as a complex clay mineral in the Fullers Earth Mineral Group. It was created over millions of years and found here in Australia. Our deposit in Western Australia is the only commercial Attapulgite mine in Australia.

The qualities of Attapulgite include:

  • Lightweight.
  • Naturally absorbs over 100% of its dry-weight.
  • Outstanding odour control abilities.

Why is Attapulgite the best pet litter?

  • Natural product and not man-made.
  • Recyclable & earth friendly.
  • Great odour control.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Child and pet friendly.
  • Easy to use and dispose.

Directions for Use:

1. Fill a dry and clean tray with fussy cat to depth of 5cm.

2. Remove soiled litter and top up with Fussy Cat.

3. Replace entire soiled litter when necessary.

4. Fussy Cat can easily and safetly disposed with household refuse or use in your garden as an effective conditioner by digging it into the ground.


  • Not to be used as bedding materials for animals.
  • Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after dealing with soiled pet litter.
  • Keep litter tray away from food preperation areas and young children.
  • Manual handling of this bag without due care and attention may result in personal injury.

Available in 20kg.

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