We are committed to a philosophy of quality natural products and for the last 20 years have produced two Shampoos, a Luxury conditioner, a Coat Conditioning Spritz and a Healing Balm.

Aromatherapy oils are much more than a nice fragrance, they have remarkable therapeutic properties. Most oils have powerful antiseptic insecticidal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities as well as being cell rejuvenating and immune enhancing. They can be calming or
uplifting, nurturing or stimulating.

Dogs respond extremely well to aromatherapy and seem to sense that the oils will do them good.

You may notice a difference in your dog’s demeanour when using aromatherapy products. We have found that dogs are calmer whilst being shampooed and there has been a marked improvement in their general behaviour when being bathed and groomed.

We urge you to consider the amount of chemicals that are part of our daily lives, and how far removed the domestic dog is from the natural environment. Any positive changes we can make to reduce the exposure to any harmful chemicals should be of benefit to your dog and yourself.

Our products are biodegradable and as environmentally friendly as we could make them. We believe you will find them a pleasure to use.

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